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Six Steps to Domain Hosting

1. What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is used to locate a website, similar to address that tells people where you live. One types the domain name in the following format - - in the web browser to access the website.
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1. What is a Domain Name?
The domain name follows the letters "www" (e.g. It consists of two parts: the first part (bbc) is classed as the second level domain (SLD) and the latter part ( is known as the Top Level Domain (TLD).
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2. Types of Domain Name
Before selecting the Second Level Domain Name one should choose the appropriate top-level domain name, like .com or
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2. Types of Domain Name
The top level domain is coined to be used for a specific purpose. For example, a UK based company would use the domain, a non-profit making organisation would choose the .org. domain.
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3. Availability of Domain Name
Once the TLDs are selected, we will check for the availability of the complete domain name, e.g or or
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3. Availability of Domain Name
If the domain has been registered by another party, then we will suggest similar alternatives.
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4. Purchasing the Domain Name
Once you have chosen the available domain name. We will register the domain on your behalf, making you the legal owner; the registrant.
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4. Purchasing the Domain Name
To retain ownership of the domain name it will need to be auto-renewed annually.
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5. Managing the Domain Name
After registration, your domain will appear in our portal, and we will manage this for you.
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5. Managing the Domain Name
Upon request, we will add additional services for your domain to meet your needs.
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6. Hosting the Domain & Email
Finally, we host the domain name on our server by creating the domain account. At this stage, the email accounts are also created.
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6. Hosting the Domain
This process allocates a space on our web server, where your web contents (images, emails and HTML files) will reside, along with your emails. The website designers then upload the files.
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Domain Name Extensions

  • .com











  • .com














  • .doctor












  • .academy












Domain Name Services

  • This stops the maclicious spammers from getting your personal details

  • We replace your private details with generic information.

  • This helps to prevent identity theft and spam

Domain Privacy

  • Blacklist Monitoring checks with various lists to verify if your web site has been black listed.

  • If the site is listed, it takes immediate action to fix the problem

  • It secures your website, and retains it's ranking & customer trust.

Domain Black List

  • We will transfer your existing domain to our regsitrar

  • The process is seemless, with no disruption to the website and email services

  • Once transferred, we have full control over the domain services.

Domain Transfer

  • Thousands of valuable domain names expire daily.

  • We can monitor certain domains for you by placing them on our backorder list

  • Once it expires, we will attempt to purchase it for you.

Domain Backorders